The Showtunes Choir open to anyone that loves to sing!
The Showtunes Choir open to anyone that loves to sing!

Frequently Asked Questions



'I can't sing; can I still become a member?'


ABSOLUTELY! Make a Noise Choirs are open to everybody aged 16 and up! Regardless of ability. Our goal is to create a friendly and welcoming choir experience.



'Do I need to audition?


Nope! No audition necessary, whatsoever.



'I can't read music; do I have to learn how to?'


Of course not. We provide members with the sheet music that you're more than welcome to make your own markings on to help you follow the piece or you can just follow the lyrics on the sheet music. 



'Do I need to be able to dance?'


Not at all. Make a Noise isn't a 'show choir' it's a 'show tunes choir' so we don't have any choreography to learn at all; although if the music takes you, no one's stopping you having a boogie!



'What do I need to bring?'


Aside from a willingness to be part of an exciting team and a good sense of humour, maybe just a pencil, a folder and a bottle of water [or gin if preferable..!] All music and/or lyrics are provided and at venues where a bar is not available, refreshments are provided for you.



'Do I have to perform at gigs?'


Not if you don't want to! The gigs are a fun and exciting way of meeting other members of Make a Noise Choir that rehearse in a different venue to yours but there is never any pressure to attend these and if you just want to come to the weekly rehearsals and masterclasses then that's just fine.



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